Adam Tibi posing while evacuating for the fire alarm test
Posing while evacuating for the fire alarm test

Most techies start the About page on how they got their first computer, this is like the Hello World of the About page. And, I will not deviate from that.

I started on a 386, Windows 3.11 and MS-DOS and became interested in QBasic where I started by modifying MS-Gorillas and then writing my own little programmes. I wrote my first worthy QBasic programme when I was in the 9th grade; it is a programme that draws an equation in a 2-dimensional XY plane, although; you had to write the equation in the source code rather than feeding it at the DOS prompt.

Professionally, I have over two decades’ experience in software crafting. I did VB6, VBA, Fortran, C, C++, MFC, VB.NET, C#, Silverlight, WPF, Winforms, Webforms, Xamarin, Angular, .NET Classical and Core and others. Currently, I am a software architect consultant working in The City of London; I am experienced in cloud computing, grid computing, event-driven SOA, Microservices, CI\CD and other juicy topics! But I am still hands-on in my spare time as I like to keep my coding skills sharpened.

I have a special interest in front-end, UX and Adobe Illustrator and I try to utilise this skill whenever I get the chance like building my blog!

As for my personal interests, I also like Human Programming also known as hypnosis and NLP .

Thank you for your interest and now that you know some stuff about me, why not connecting on LinkedIn?